Thursday, October 31, 2013

Researching about Copyright

By: Sharon

This class has been very interesting in the past two-three weeks. Who knew that copying and pasting something thats not your own work was actually illegal?! I just recently learned about that when when we started researching about copyright. We have been learning a lot about copyright and how we should use them properly. These include the current copyright law, fair use guidelines, creative commons, and open source.
Mrs. Bartis had assigned us one of these terms to research and after we got enough information on our topic, we presented them to the class to teach them about the term.
The current copyright laws are laws thats officially made to prevent you from copyrighting. An example of this law is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). This says that you can’t copy any production of technology and devices.
Fair use guidelines provides some limits on the author’s work and how its used. This include time limits for any type of video, music, and music, the length of poems and texts, and how many pictures from an artist or a photographer you can use.
Creative commons protects the data online from being stolen. You often see these signs but you probably didn’t know they had a name. They are on most copyrighted works.
Open source is a program that anyone can modify or change according to your own use or personal benefits. An example of this could be Wikipedia because people can change the information on it causing it to not be a reliable site for your education.

As you can see we learned loads just in the past two-three weeks. I can’t wait to learn more! This class is going to be very exciting.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Part 2

Hello. This is my second blog post. There have been a few new things. We have been learning about copyright, searching techniques, and a little about hardware. Also we have been doing things on Wonderopolis. It’s a pretty cool website in my opinion. Try Googling it. You may just learn something.
First the hardware. We spent one day on it. It was easy and I kinda liked it. I wish it would have had more in-depth information about what the parts do and how the connect or how to build a computer. But still, it was good.
Now for the searching. We did a paper or two about ways to search and how to search better. We learned about keywords, settings, and how to get exactly what we want. It was pretty helpful and I think it will help us in the future. It could have been a bit more exciting but it still was good.
And the last and latest. Copyright. We have been doing quite a bit with this. We each had to do a presentation. I teamed up with Sam and we did a presentation on Creative Commons. We made it pink. Well it is October. He and I believe that we did a good job. The other’s may have something about their projects so check them out as well. At the time that I’m typing this, we did a “Synetic” on the different types of copyright. That… was not fun. I hope I don’t have to do that again…

Well anyways. That’s about it for this update. But before I go I want to give a shoutout to Doe Creek Middle School in Indiana. Those guys are pretty fun. And a little crazy. See you guys later!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Laws of the Internet


This past week we had the opportunity to research about a subject and we got to present it to the whole class. My subject was open source. I thought open source was a useless type of thing. I started to research about it and I got more interested with open source. I never knew that Wikipedia, Youtube,  and tons more web pages and software uses open source.

When we presented our subjects to the class I was nervous. I told the class that open source was basically a program or software that you can modify and edit to help make it better. After I was done presenting I listened to the other people projects. I was fascinated by all the projects I heard.The one I like the most was fair use guidelines. The thing I liked about was that it protected the rights of the authors work. I like it because if I made webpage I would get credit if it  was good and I would get recognized. The other two were current copyright laws and creative commons. The two people who did current copyright law explained there topic in a play. I thought that was very createful and they thinked outside the box. Creative commons I thought was helpful to for the internet to because it is like a police organization, it protects data from theft.

Finally we synetics. I thought was very very funny because we had to compare open source to a octopus. All in all I thought it was a fun week.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Learning about Copyright laws

by Justin

This past week, our class had the opportunity to teach each other about our assigned projects. These projects enabled each of us to not only learn about our copyright topic, but also teach others about it. I personally think that this was a brilliant idea, because this allows us students to study and research about our topic, rather than just the teachers standing up and giving a lecture while the students sleep. I think this was a very beneficial way to study and learn about copyright rules and citing various sources.
For example, my partner and I had the opportunity to research about the topic Open Source. After we took about two days to research and study about the topic, we started creating a presentation on powerpoint to present and teach to our classmates. When many people hear about copyright and citing sources, they think that they already know everything concerning the important topic. But no, many people don't about it , and also don't know the importance behind it. I myself thought that it was very boring, but I knew that these topics were very important. Open source is that topic I researched over, and I learned that open source is any program that can be modified by anyone. Anyone can modify and change it to make it for their personal use. That was only one of the topics that I explained to my classmates. Each of us shared our topic and taught it to each other. These are all important topics for everyone to know and learn. The topics were current copyright law, fair use guidelines, creative commons, and open source. Everyone one of these are important. The current copyright law allows us to know what they are and the standards of giving credit for who wrote it. Fair use guidelines, provides some limits on the author’s work and how its used. All the other ones are just as important as the ones mentioned, but the main thing that I learned in this unit is that you can't take someone's work without giving them the credit.
Overall so far this class has been very interesting and exciting, And this could not have been made possible without our awesome teacher Mrs. Bartis. She comes up with things to learn while still making it fun and interesting. Yesterday we did a synectics activity where we compared our topics to things in our world. I really enjoyed this class so far, and I  am very eager to continue moving forward in this class, while learning things that we need to learn.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Tech Apps

By: Zoe

I liked last week when we made our own schedule so we can learn what we need to learn not things that we already know. When we did the typing. I was glad because I need that I wasn't good at typing but i got better at typing.

I didn't know much about blogging like its impotant and why its useful. Actually its like a teacher teaching a class. It may noy be so accurate but it has good infomation. People can conmment so you can make it better or simpler.

I am glad that I did Tech Apps because it teaches you life lessons that you need in life like typing and thinking deep it also teaches me how to do things on computers that some kids and adults don't know so I'm glad

Friday, October 4, 2013

My Perspective of Tech Apps


                            My Perspective of Tech Apps

      I think that this class will be more interesting than I thought it would. I'm slightly nervous about the relevant problem assignment because I'm having a difficult time thinking of a problem that many people have. Judging from the way keyboarding went, this might not be what I thought I signed up for.

       I think that this blog is going to help us express our opinions on this class. It's a great idea to have a class  blog and this is the first class I've ever been in that has one.

  This years class objectives seem simple and easy. I don't think that I'll have as much trouble with the actions that I do with the behaviors, because I forget things quite often.Overall, I think that this class might be interesting.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The way to start the year

By: Sharon 

   I'm really excited about being in this class. When we started doing ultrakey, I thought that it wouldn't help me and that it would be boring. Because of ultrakey, I feel like I got a lot faster at keyboarding.
   I like the concept of blogging because I haven't really blogged anything. I had heard from some of my friends that it was fun but I never tried it. I also like that we get to choose how we work in this class. Like Mrs. Bartis has told us, I've never had a teacher ask us how we wanted our class to be like during the year.
   I hope that I get to learn more about the types of technology and how to utilize it this year.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Fun Week

Last week we did many things. First of Mrs. Bartis told us one day were gonna do something you have never done in school. I was thinking we would play a game or something. But when I entered the class Mrs. Bartis told us to sit down. The thing we did was fun because we got to sit down and talk about what were doing this year.

When we were talking the thing I liked the most was we got to talk with each other and not be so tense. We separated our thing to do this year in two groups, behavior and action. I thought there would be more actions then behaviors but i was wrong by a landslide.

Then we started learning about blogging. I felt that blogging was interesting and important for many businesses. I never knew that even big companies and famous people have blogs. It was a fun experience I hope we can do that in other classes.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


By: Mitchell

The class so far has been good. The classmates are nice and kind. The teacher seems to think like me. This class has also introduced me to new ways of teaching.

The idea of planning our own class is something I find to be different. Not only do we know what kinds of things we need to learn but we also took out the ones we did not need. We even did an activity in which we separated the TEKS into actions and behaviors. The actions are something we will probably only do once or twice and the behaviors we will practice thought-out the year.

Ultra Key was a pain but I was able to increase my speed and accuracy with the keyboard. I am glad that it is over now. I am proud of my highest speed and accuracy. I thought I could never type that fast and still be accurate.

I hope that this class will become better and better as the year goes on.