Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Part 2

Hello. This is my second blog post. There have been a few new things. We have been learning about copyright, searching techniques, and a little about hardware. Also we have been doing things on Wonderopolis. It’s a pretty cool website in my opinion. Try Googling it. You may just learn something.
First the hardware. We spent one day on it. It was easy and I kinda liked it. I wish it would have had more in-depth information about what the parts do and how the connect or how to build a computer. But still, it was good.
Now for the searching. We did a paper or two about ways to search and how to search better. We learned about keywords, settings, and how to get exactly what we want. It was pretty helpful and I think it will help us in the future. It could have been a bit more exciting but it still was good.
And the last and latest. Copyright. We have been doing quite a bit with this. We each had to do a presentation. I teamed up with Sam and we did a presentation on Creative Commons. We made it pink. Well it is October. He and I believe that we did a good job. The other’s may have something about their projects so check them out as well. At the time that I’m typing this, we did a “Synetic” on the different types of copyright. That… was not fun. I hope I don’t have to do that again…

Well anyways. That’s about it for this update. But before I go I want to give a shoutout to Doe Creek Middle School in Indiana. Those guys are pretty fun. And a little crazy. See you guys later!

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