Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Laws of the Internet


This past week we had the opportunity to research about a subject and we got to present it to the whole class. My subject was open source. I thought open source was a useless type of thing. I started to research about it and I got more interested with open source. I never knew that Wikipedia, Youtube,  and tons more web pages and software uses open source.

When we presented our subjects to the class I was nervous. I told the class that open source was basically a program or software that you can modify and edit to help make it better. After I was done presenting I listened to the other people projects. I was fascinated by all the projects I heard.The one I like the most was fair use guidelines. The thing I liked about was that it protected the rights of the authors work. I like it because if I made webpage I would get credit if it  was good and I would get recognized. The other two were current copyright laws and creative commons. The two people who did current copyright law explained there topic in a play. I thought that was very createful and they thinked outside the box. Creative commons I thought was helpful to for the internet to because it is like a police organization, it protects data from theft.

Finally we synetics. I thought was very very funny because we had to compare open source to a octopus. All in all I thought it was a fun week.

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