Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Fun Week

Last week we did many things. First of Mrs. Bartis told us one day were gonna do something you have never done in school. I was thinking we would play a game or something. But when I entered the class Mrs. Bartis told us to sit down. The thing we did was fun because we got to sit down and talk about what were doing this year.

When we were talking the thing I liked the most was we got to talk with each other and not be so tense. We separated our thing to do this year in two groups, behavior and action. I thought there would be more actions then behaviors but i was wrong by a landslide.

Then we started learning about blogging. I felt that blogging was interesting and important for many businesses. I never knew that even big companies and famous people have blogs. It was a fun experience I hope we can do that in other classes.


  1. Hi!
    As a parent and mom to 3 kids myself, this is very exciting to read! Your teacher sounds super fantastic & I hope you are motivated to learn as much as you can from her this school year. The fact that you and your class are embracing and USING technology & blogging is so important, but also inspiring to others- your peers & even me as a parent using Twitter to link to this blog :) Keep blogging, tweeting and learning as much as you can from Mrs. Bartis. So proud of you guys, & your teacher!
    Jen Paquette

  2. very interesting keep on blogging