Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Amazing Week


This past two weeks has been so fun and adventurous. We did another relevant problem. My relevant problem was “ How to do better in English” I thought it was an excellent problem.  This time we had to do a project that we have not master on our TEKS.  So this time I had to do website instead of making a powerpoint .When I was researching I found out interesting ways to help you with English. One way was to tape record your teacher talking so you can listen to the information he/she gives you as many times as you want. I thought that was a brilliant idea. Also playing games with the information the teacher gives you will help you study for you quiz or test. When I started to make my website I wasn’t to happy to do it, but then I found out how easy it was and finished my website in no time. I had three solutions for getting good grades in your english class and I am very proud of making these solution so I can help people of the U.S struggling with english. I thought I did pretty good and I hope we can do it again.

Blog post by Jacob

jacob                                               Blog

These past two weeks have been a busy fourteen days for a young kid named Jacob Caldera. I have spent countless hours trying to get my relevant question answered and I finally have. My question was how can I sleep better? I spent my time researching and trying to create my own remedy. And I did, a couple different ways to help you sleep. One is that you can distance yourself from distractions like phones. This project was really interesting because we had to find ways to help people and ourselves. And we had to come up with our own solution. It was difficult but fun {: The only struggle I had was making my own solution without copying anyone else. But at the end it was alright. Because I helped myself and someone else. Creating my product was fun but difficult. I first had to do research, then organize it. And finally put it all in a website, that was created and was all made by me.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Relevant problem project


This time I will be telling you about how my relevant problem database. I found it rather difficult to organize the info for my database, but my amazing teacher helped me organize it. I also had difficulty researching. I used to feel stupid when I was using the internet because it would take me a very long time to find what I was looking for. It takes me a lot of time to find information on the internet. I have trouble with organizing things because I have Asperger’s Syndrome. I think that I am beginning to get better at researching and organizing. I think that I am getting better because I have been able to find what I need faster on the internet.
This class is about technology, and so far, one of the few things that I have learned is how to make a database using a website known as Grubba. I had a bit of trouble using it, but then my teacher showed me how to use it. I think that this class is very challenging, and it has helped me learn many things about how to research something. It has helped me with projects from other classes such as the one we had in English. I found it easier to find information and to organize it into paragraphs.

That’s all that I have to say, and I suggest that you read Mitchell’s blog next.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Preventing Stress

By: Sharon

This new project was about a relevant problem that would help benefit ourselves. I chose to do this about stress because it’s something that I really need to work on. I usually have a lot of stress and it makes me very cranky. Since I have this problem, I decided to research on it so that it would help me. By doing this project, I learned a lot of things that I could do to prevent it or deal with it. Mrs. Bartis also told us to base it off of a TEK so I chose to do a database. At first, I thought it was very difficult because I had never heard of a database and I didn’t know how it worked. Fortunately with Mrs. Bartis’ help, I learned how to make a database. I went on and did my database on there. There was vocabulary on the database that I didn’t know so I also learned new words. The categories are called fields and the ideas are called records. Every time you have a different answer to the same question that’s a new record. My fields were stress, stressors, dealing with stress,and preventing stress. I had over twenty-five records. Making a database was actually very easy. This was a good project for me to do. I hope we get to do more like this but with using other types of organizers.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Relevant problem 2

By: Mitchell

Hello. I’m back again. This time with some more news. So recently we’ve done another relevant problem. This time to benefit ourselves. I did one about how to improve studying, memory, and organization. These are things I need to work on in real life so it made sense that I’d do it over them. I had to research about ways to improve and the basics of the aspects. I then used a website called Grubba to create a database. I had a few problems on the way. For example, I had trouble figuring the website out. Even after I did, I thought my data wasn’t saving. Man that was annoying. But I eventually got it done. I feel like I did a decent job on it. I hope that I get a good grade. That’s all for now. Bye.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Self Relevant Problem

This past two weeks our class was working on a relevant problem project. I have done this once before in the first semester, and I really enjoyed working on it. This time we could not just create any product, we had to create a product based on the TEKS that we had not yet accomplished. One of the TEKS that I had not mastered was to create a website. At first I did not want to create a website because I did not know how to, and I was used to just creating the same old powerpoint. Later on that week I figured out that it was actually easy to create a website. The only way I learned how to create a website was by our awesome teacher, Mrs. Bartis. I really enjoyed creating my product, mainly because it was something new. My relevant problem was “How to be encouraging”. I feel like not only do I just do the project for the sake of it, but I also learn new things each time. The cool thing about this class is that, you can learn something new while still being interesting. Even when I was struggling in the smallest part of my project, I had a teacher that would help me understand and teach me. I feel like if all my other classes were like this students would learn more,  because students can learn more by themselves. So far I really enjoyed this class, and I really look forward to the rest of the year. Go tech apps!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blog for relevant problem.

By: Sara

In this project I learned different solutions to help my relevant problem. One of my problems was, not being able to keep track of everything which makes me stressed out and overwhelmed. Now that we made a solution to our problems it has helped me out. In my room I have a small calendar that helps remind me when things are due. When I complete that assignment for that day I mark it off so its neat and easy to keep track of the date things are due. This project was very useful and not only did it help me with my relevant problem, but it also helped me create A online digital poster that I didn't even think you could create online. So it helped me understand and learn how to create one of those. The main thing about this project is that it helped me in different ways, not just one. When I looked at other peoples relevant problem there's also helped me because there were some interesting things other people had to say.I could also relate to some of their problems. I like how we all came up with a solution that can help us when we are overwhelmed or stressed a little over a project.