Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My learning style project

My class was doing a project about relevant problems. What the project felt to me that we could help make a difference that when you put your mind on it you could make a solution that can help other people. The project could also teach you important values, make you belive in yourself and help you realize you can make a difference in the world.

My relevant problem was about how to encourage kids to learn. My research questions was how students learn and the types of learning styles. The time when I was researching was quite frustrating because I couldn’t find the information that I wanted. My solution was boring but educating my class was fun because I could make any way I wanted.

I created a quiz to educate my class. Teachers would give the quiz to students to tell them their learning style. Then teachers would know how you learn and help encourage students to learn. Making the quiz was quite frustrating because making questions that made sense took a while and trial and error. Finally, it was ready to present. I presented by sending my classmates a copy of the quiz by email. When they were done taking the quiz, I told them what type of learning style they had.  

Monday, December 16, 2013


By: Mitchell

Hello. It’s me again. It’s time for another tech update. This year seems to go by pretty fast… Not sure if that’s good or bad. Well anyways, onto the stuff we’ve been doing.
First we chose a problem to do research about. That was kinda hard but I ended up going with “How can we make healthy food less expensive?” and the research was a pain. I had a tough-ish time finding stuff. I decided to do an oral presentation in the end. I’m not sure how well it went but I hope I did well. I found out that it would be best to lower the cost by producing more food. That will drop the price based on the supply/demand ratio. We also need to drop the price of gas. The tractors and machines alike are gas guzzlers. So if just one gas station drops price then they will gain more because they get more profit. Then the others will drop price to compete. By doing that, the farmers will have more money. Then they will most likely drop the price of their produce, making it more affordable.
We also got a GD (Google Doc) from Mrs. Bartis about the TEKS. It’s about the ones we need to learn and stuff. We each got our own one and when we complete one, she checks it off.SO I’m going to be updating you on whick ones I’ve passed once we start with them.

Friday, December 13, 2013

My Relevent Problem

By Abbas

This past month has been interesting. It started when Mrs.Bartis told us we will be researching a relevant problem to us. I thought it would be boring researching about our relevant problem but I was wrong.
First off it was difficult for me to think of a relevant problem. So Mrs.Bartis helped me choose my relevant problem, better way to study, which I thought was pretty boring. However I found out that my topic was really fun and interesting and I began researching on my relevant problem. Did you know that when you are studying after your regular bedtime you most likely will not to remember the subject you're studying about the next day?
Well my solution was to make the student read the packet out loud so the reader will pay attention while studying and not wonder off into space. I educated my classmates with a presentation. I told them why it’s difficult to pay attention while studying and why people do bad on tests even though they studied the material. I thought it was fun attempting to make my own study technique to benefit other students. I hope we can do it again in Tech Apps.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Researching Relevant Problems


For the past few week our class has been researching and learning about relevant problems, and we had to have a solution as well. This project was one that Mrs Bartis had us do alone. I feel that a student can learn more if they themselves work alone, and this is exactly what we did. My relevant problem was concerning summer reading assignments, and how to make the students not hate it as much. We researched for a couple of days, and found out what we need to know and what we already know. We did not just simply research and come up with a solution but Mrs. Bartis broke it down for us, so that we could build our way up to the final solution. I enjoyed researching and coming up with solutions, which had to be a way that we could solve the problem. Even though all this took some time it didn't matter, cause Mrs. Bartis gave us pretty much a whole week to finish our research and make up our solutions, so meant that we didn't have any homework. I learned a lot about my relevant problem, and enjoyed the opportunity to create a solution to the problem. My solution of not making it boring is to allows the students to choose the books they want to read, and not giving them a test on the first day. This would be beneficial because, many students don't enjoy the assignments they are given throughout the summer, and if they can choose the books it could make it more fun for them. Another good thing about this solution is that the kids don't have to worry about taking a test on the first day, this allows them to enjoy the summer peacefully.  So far this class has been very interesting and fun, while learning various things that are essential for a student to know. Besides the fact that the teacher is amazing, the course itself makes it interesting in a way that I want to learn more, and I am looking forward to the things that are planned for us for the rest of the year. Go tech apps!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Solution to the relevent problem of cyber-bullying

By: Sharon

For the past few weeks we have been working on our self-governed presentation about a topic that we could choose which was relevant to us and had to come up with a solution. For the presentation, I choose to do cyberbullying. This is a major topic that needs some sort of solution so I decided to do this.
When we we were getting started we had to research, research, and research. We had to figure out what we already knew about the topic and what we needed to know about it. Halfway through this part, Sara helped me look up the ones I didn’t know so she became my partner. After we got all the answers to the questions we didn’t know, we finally had to come up with a solution. Sara and I decided to make a website called Speak Now! We made it so that the kids that are victims in cyberbullying can speak out. This lets you say what you’re going through anonymously. After we finish reading your comment, we will say some nice words so that it can make your day better.
On our website, we have four pages. These include the home, blog, question and answer, and about page.The home page is just pictures that talk about cyberbullying. On the Blog page, you can comment with any of your problems related to cyberbullying and we will send you a reply. The question and answer page are related to cyberbullying and what you can do in those cases. Finally, the about page is about us and why we are doing the website. We do feel like we educated the class and it was very original.
This has been a very exciting presentation to do and we hope that you check out the website. Here is the link to our site. Don’t be afraid to comment! http://speaknowaboutcyberbullying.weebly.com/

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Solution to cyber bullying

By Sara

Over the past years there have been many issues/problems about cyber bullying. Many people do not realize what bullying can do to a person so sharon and I have came up with a solution to help stop bullying and see what some peoples feelings are. We created a website that individuals themselves can express their feelings. Sometimes its good to let your feelings out and thats what we created the website for. This website gives them answers to some of the questions that some people have. This made me feel like what we are doing may help some people by understanding that there are kind people out there to listen to what they are feeling. Sharon and myself worked very hard to make the website the best we could and the most comfortable for those being bullied. Our website has got over one hundred views which means we have already helped over one hundred people. We also included pictures that can help bullies understand that many people are against it. To me this project was a fun and helpful experience and not only to others, but I also got information from this. Sometimes on the internet there a people who play around with each other and say hurtful things. If they say the wrong thing to each other one day it can become a problem and make bullying start up. I also learned that telling someone something over the internet can make them feel worse than by telling them verbally. When people post something that happened to them we make them feel the way they should by telling them nice things.  We also tried to make it colorful so that the website would catch their attention. Different colors always seem to catch my attention and make me happy.
Heres the link:http://speaknowaboutcyberbullying.weebly.com/

Monday, December 9, 2013

The First Problem

By: Sam

I’m back with another post about what could possibly be the most interesting class that I have ever been in. The year has gone by very quickly, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. Anyway, our class has to do a relevant problem project, and I came up with my problem in 5 minutes. I decided to research “How can we make transportation in Dallas more efficient?” and I found a lot of information about monorails. If you have a solution that you would like to share, please post it in the comments section of the blog. The idea that I came up with was to use pedal powered monorails, and the only problem that I had with that idea was how much that they cost.
Mrs.Bartis shared a google doc with the class that had all of the TEKS that we needed to learn , and we have to include them all in our presentations before school ends. I am slightly nervous about this, but it will definitely be an entertaining challenge!
Sharon presented her project on cyber bullying yesterday, and she made a website. Apparently, cyber bullying is a lot worse than people think that it is. Lots of people die because of it, and I found the presentation to be depressing. That’s all that I have to say this time, but if you want to read more, then you should check out Mitchell’s blog.