Thursday, October 31, 2013

Researching about Copyright

By: Sharon

This class has been very interesting in the past two-three weeks. Who knew that copying and pasting something thats not your own work was actually illegal?! I just recently learned about that when when we started researching about copyright. We have been learning a lot about copyright and how we should use them properly. These include the current copyright law, fair use guidelines, creative commons, and open source.
Mrs. Bartis had assigned us one of these terms to research and after we got enough information on our topic, we presented them to the class to teach them about the term.
The current copyright laws are laws thats officially made to prevent you from copyrighting. An example of this law is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). This says that you can’t copy any production of technology and devices.
Fair use guidelines provides some limits on the author’s work and how its used. This include time limits for any type of video, music, and music, the length of poems and texts, and how many pictures from an artist or a photographer you can use.
Creative commons protects the data online from being stolen. You often see these signs but you probably didn’t know they had a name. They are on most copyrighted works.
Open source is a program that anyone can modify or change according to your own use or personal benefits. An example of this could be Wikipedia because people can change the information on it causing it to not be a reliable site for your education.

As you can see we learned loads just in the past two-three weeks. I can’t wait to learn more! This class is going to be very exciting.

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