Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My new year three word revoltion for 2014

This is my three goals that I want to do for 2014.

long distance wise im pretty bad at endurance but this year I want to run long distance running. I'm going to keep running even though i'm tired but I keep pushing until black out. I would always wear ankle weights and always try my best in running.

I want to lose weight by working out and getting active when i’m not doing anything. I also want to eat eat healthy and not eat just junk food and chose healthy choices. I would also think safe like putting on seat belts, saying no to drugs and smoking, and simple things that we should do to keep us safe.

feeling lifter

I want to bring peoples feelings up when they’re down and make everybody around me happy. I will do this by having a smile on my face and have a happy atmosphere and have a positive attitude. I would respect people feelings and think before I say anything and I want to know what to say when I talk to people.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

3 goals for 2k14

by jacob

It’s a new year so Mrs. Bartis asked me to think of three resolutions for this year.


I want to eat healthier and all organic to get healthy and fit, to prevent me from getting cancer or any other diseases. I will do this by eating healthy foods. Because it would feel great knowing I’m gonna have a healthy future. And I’m going to have a stronger body to function more properly.

I want to start working so I can begin to gain money to buy my own things. I want to start working to get money. I will do this by finding a job or straight up work. It would be great buying my own stuff and helping my family.

I want to overcome all the challenges happening in my life and all the obstacles that are ahead. I want to overcome challenges because it will make me stronger physically, emotionally, and mentally. I will overcome these challenges by getting stronger physically, emotionally, and mentally. It would be great knowing that i got stronger.

Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 goals

Every year I like to set goals for the year, so hopefully it can be achieved. This year Mrs.Bartis allowed us to choose 3 words that was really important to us, and what we would do to grow better in that area. These are my goals for the new year 2014.

Church is my main priority and I would like to keep it that way this coming year. The youth group and all the members is what keeps me going and the fellowship is what I hope to keep going. This is a main importance to me, because I know that in every hard times I can turn towards God, and my friends in church gives me hope and encouragement. So this year I would like to spend more time with my youth group, and grow spiritually closer so that I can overcome the daily challenges that come in my way.  

Family is my second most important thing, mainly because I love them. I thank them each and everyday for all the things that they do for me, even when I don't know. I truly appreciate the hard work that they do for me. So this new year I want to give them more respect and do more things for them. I also want to help them in out in every day. Compared to what they do for me, I haven't done as much. This year I will respect and love them even more, and spend more time with them. My main goal of doing this is so that I will not be a problem to them but instead a good son to my parents, and a respectful brother to my brother.

School is just as important, because I know that for the good of my future I have to have a good basic foundation. Therefore I want to study hard this coming year, and put every effort to make good grades, and work hard in everything that I do. I am willing to do this, so that I won't have to suffer in the future. I know that if I work hard right now, I won't have to think of my tw
elve years of school as a disaster. I will accomplish this task by working hard daily, and studying for all my quiz and test.

Friday, January 24, 2014

My three words for the New Year

BY: Sharon

As the New Year resolution, Mrs.Bartis has asked us to think of three words that fit what we want to do differently in the new year. My first word is communicative. Sometimes I am very shy and not very interactive so I’m going to try and talk to everyone. But there are times that if I know you, I won’t close my mouth.
My second word is easy-going. Sometimes I get very high-tempered so this year I am going to make sure that I don’t get mad for any silly reasons. I will also make sure that I am not very stressed and is calm. Even a very small thing can ruin my day so that is the reason I chose this word.
My last word that I will try to be is hard-working. This year I will try my best to be focused on very important things like studying. I get distracted very easily so that is why this is one of my words for the new year.

I hope this year will turn out to be great for everyone.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Three word blog that I want to improve on.

By: Sara

A new year has just begun, which means that a new year resolution is waiting! Many times in the past year I have made mistakes by pressuring myself too hard. (For example) When I have a class project that I have to do, I get to stressed out sometimes with all the things I have to do. My first word is unwind. Unwinding helps me by resting my mind for a while and getting my thoughts together. What I like to do Is go eat A quick snack to help my brain think properly and remember everything. This also allows me to feel better and confident about myself.
This helps me by basically telling myself I can do it, its not that hard and I can take it day by day.

My second word is remember. Sometimes I don’t remember important things. (For example) If I don't remember where I put a important paper, I will go crazy looking for it. Putting things in folders helps me remember things but doesn't necessarily always help me remember things. Its very important to remember things because if you let a person borrow a pencil and you forgot to get it back from them, then you will end up with one less pencil. Thats why this year thats one of the things I want to change and thats remembering important things.

 My third word is organized. This will help me also by being able to find something that I need quicker and easier. Being organised is important as well, because you want to keep important things in safe places. Another reason A person would want to be organised is because people may notice how well things are kept. (For example) If you put something in a place that has account numbers on it, then if it accidentally went into an unsafe place without you knowing, its not a good thing. There are many ways I want to help myself be organised.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Three Words

By: Mitchell
Hello. I’m back again. I’m here to talk about three words I’m gonna try to focus on this year. I’d love to hear yours down in the comments.
My first word is express. I’m not one to express myself to others in real life. That’s one reason I like this, I don’t meet face-to-face. I’m good with saying my ideas but not feelings or personal stuff. Which will be needed later in life. So why not work on it while I’m young? It’d be more normal to me and so I could be less awkward with friends. I’ll try and change it by getting more in touch with myself.
My second word is social. I’m not really social unless people are sitting next to me or in my group or stuff like that. I feel that it would be good to become more social because then I would have more friends and I guess have more fun. Maybe.

My third word is listen. I feel that I should listen to people more. I normally do but sometimes its hard if they go on and on and on. I also have a bit of trouble listening to directions. I mainly do things my way but I try to listen as much as I can. But it’s hard. I really should listen more.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My 3 Words


This year I wanted I wanted to do things I have never done. I wanted to make a chage in my life. I wanted this year to be special so I made this three words I will improve on by myself and my family.


I want to gain more weight so I won’t be  skinny because I get exhausted quickly and my dad keeps on talking about my weight .So I will eat more food like vegetables,fruits, and meat which will make me gain weight. Also i will work out more which will make me tougher than I am now.


I would like to go on more vacations with my family because I usually stay home for all the school holidays. I would like our family to have a meeting before the school breaks and decide which place my family will go so we won't just stay home being bored. And I think it will be a fun way for the whole family to have a fun time together.


I would like to spend more time with my family because my parents are always at work so I don’t get to talk to them a lot. So I would hope we could have a time where we all just have fun a play games together on the weekends so we can make our family stronger and not break apart.