Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blog for relevant problem.

By: Sara

In this project I learned different solutions to help my relevant problem. One of my problems was, not being able to keep track of everything which makes me stressed out and overwhelmed. Now that we made a solution to our problems it has helped me out. In my room I have a small calendar that helps remind me when things are due. When I complete that assignment for that day I mark it off so its neat and easy to keep track of the date things are due. This project was very useful and not only did it help me with my relevant problem, but it also helped me create A online digital poster that I didn't even think you could create online. So it helped me understand and learn how to create one of those. The main thing about this project is that it helped me in different ways, not just one. When I looked at other peoples relevant problem there's also helped me because there were some interesting things other people had to say.I could also relate to some of their problems. I like how we all came up with a solution that can help us when we are overwhelmed or stressed a little over a project.

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