Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Self Relevant Problem

This past two weeks our class was working on a relevant problem project. I have done this once before in the first semester, and I really enjoyed working on it. This time we could not just create any product, we had to create a product based on the TEKS that we had not yet accomplished. One of the TEKS that I had not mastered was to create a website. At first I did not want to create a website because I did not know how to, and I was used to just creating the same old powerpoint. Later on that week I figured out that it was actually easy to create a website. The only way I learned how to create a website was by our awesome teacher, Mrs. Bartis. I really enjoyed creating my product, mainly because it was something new. My relevant problem was “How to be encouraging”. I feel like not only do I just do the project for the sake of it, but I also learn new things each time. The cool thing about this class is that, you can learn something new while still being interesting. Even when I was struggling in the smallest part of my project, I had a teacher that would help me understand and teach me. I feel like if all my other classes were like this students would learn more,  because students can learn more by themselves. So far I really enjoyed this class, and I really look forward to the rest of the year. Go tech apps!

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