Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Amazing Week


This past two weeks has been so fun and adventurous. We did another relevant problem. My relevant problem was “ How to do better in English” I thought it was an excellent problem.  This time we had to do a project that we have not master on our TEKS.  So this time I had to do website instead of making a powerpoint .When I was researching I found out interesting ways to help you with English. One way was to tape record your teacher talking so you can listen to the information he/she gives you as many times as you want. I thought that was a brilliant idea. Also playing games with the information the teacher gives you will help you study for you quiz or test. When I started to make my website I wasn’t to happy to do it, but then I found out how easy it was and finished my website in no time. I had three solutions for getting good grades in your english class and I am very proud of making these solution so I can help people of the U.S struggling with english. I thought I did pretty good and I hope we can do it again.

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