Friday, February 21, 2014

Preventing Stress

By: Sharon

This new project was about a relevant problem that would help benefit ourselves. I chose to do this about stress because it’s something that I really need to work on. I usually have a lot of stress and it makes me very cranky. Since I have this problem, I decided to research on it so that it would help me. By doing this project, I learned a lot of things that I could do to prevent it or deal with it. Mrs. Bartis also told us to base it off of a TEK so I chose to do a database. At first, I thought it was very difficult because I had never heard of a database and I didn’t know how it worked. Fortunately with Mrs. Bartis’ help, I learned how to make a database. I went on and did my database on there. There was vocabulary on the database that I didn’t know so I also learned new words. The categories are called fields and the ideas are called records. Every time you have a different answer to the same question that’s a new record. My fields were stress, stressors, dealing with stress,and preventing stress. I had over twenty-five records. Making a database was actually very easy. This was a good project for me to do. I hope we get to do more like this but with using other types of organizers.

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