Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Blog post by Jacob

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These past two weeks have been a busy fourteen days for a young kid named Jacob Caldera. I have spent countless hours trying to get my relevant question answered and I finally have. My question was how can I sleep better? I spent my time researching and trying to create my own remedy. And I did, a couple different ways to help you sleep. One is that you can distance yourself from distractions like phones. This project was really interesting because we had to find ways to help people and ourselves. And we had to come up with our own solution. It was difficult but fun {: The only struggle I had was making my own solution without copying anyone else. But at the end it was alright. Because I helped myself and someone else. Creating my product was fun but difficult. I first had to do research, then organize it. And finally put it all in a website, that was created and was all made by me.

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