Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Solution to cyber bullying

By Sara

Over the past years there have been many issues/problems about cyber bullying. Many people do not realize what bullying can do to a person so sharon and I have came up with a solution to help stop bullying and see what some peoples feelings are. We created a website that individuals themselves can express their feelings. Sometimes its good to let your feelings out and thats what we created the website for. This website gives them answers to some of the questions that some people have. This made me feel like what we are doing may help some people by understanding that there are kind people out there to listen to what they are feeling. Sharon and myself worked very hard to make the website the best we could and the most comfortable for those being bullied. Our website has got over one hundred views which means we have already helped over one hundred people. We also included pictures that can help bullies understand that many people are against it. To me this project was a fun and helpful experience and not only to others, but I also got information from this. Sometimes on the internet there a people who play around with each other and say hurtful things. If they say the wrong thing to each other one day it can become a problem and make bullying start up. I also learned that telling someone something over the internet can make them feel worse than by telling them verbally. When people post something that happened to them we make them feel the way they should by telling them nice things.  We also tried to make it colorful so that the website would catch their attention. Different colors always seem to catch my attention and make me happy.
Heres the link:http://speaknowaboutcyberbullying.weebly.com/

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