Friday, December 13, 2013

My Relevent Problem

By Abbas

This past month has been interesting. It started when Mrs.Bartis told us we will be researching a relevant problem to us. I thought it would be boring researching about our relevant problem but I was wrong.
First off it was difficult for me to think of a relevant problem. So Mrs.Bartis helped me choose my relevant problem, better way to study, which I thought was pretty boring. However I found out that my topic was really fun and interesting and I began researching on my relevant problem. Did you know that when you are studying after your regular bedtime you most likely will not to remember the subject you're studying about the next day?
Well my solution was to make the student read the packet out loud so the reader will pay attention while studying and not wonder off into space. I educated my classmates with a presentation. I told them why it’s difficult to pay attention while studying and why people do bad on tests even though they studied the material. I thought it was fun attempting to make my own study technique to benefit other students. I hope we can do it again in Tech Apps.

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