Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Solution to the relevent problem of cyber-bullying

By: Sharon

For the past few weeks we have been working on our self-governed presentation about a topic that we could choose which was relevant to us and had to come up with a solution. For the presentation, I choose to do cyberbullying. This is a major topic that needs some sort of solution so I decided to do this.
When we we were getting started we had to research, research, and research. We had to figure out what we already knew about the topic and what we needed to know about it. Halfway through this part, Sara helped me look up the ones I didn’t know so she became my partner. After we got all the answers to the questions we didn’t know, we finally had to come up with a solution. Sara and I decided to make a website called Speak Now! We made it so that the kids that are victims in cyberbullying can speak out. This lets you say what you’re going through anonymously. After we finish reading your comment, we will say some nice words so that it can make your day better.
On our website, we have four pages. These include the home, blog, question and answer, and about page.The home page is just pictures that talk about cyberbullying. On the Blog page, you can comment with any of your problems related to cyberbullying and we will send you a reply. The question and answer page are related to cyberbullying and what you can do in those cases. Finally, the about page is about us and why we are doing the website. We do feel like we educated the class and it was very original.
This has been a very exciting presentation to do and we hope that you check out the website. Here is the link to our site. Don’t be afraid to comment!

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