Thursday, December 12, 2013

Researching Relevant Problems


For the past few week our class has been researching and learning about relevant problems, and we had to have a solution as well. This project was one that Mrs Bartis had us do alone. I feel that a student can learn more if they themselves work alone, and this is exactly what we did. My relevant problem was concerning summer reading assignments, and how to make the students not hate it as much. We researched for a couple of days, and found out what we need to know and what we already know. We did not just simply research and come up with a solution but Mrs. Bartis broke it down for us, so that we could build our way up to the final solution. I enjoyed researching and coming up with solutions, which had to be a way that we could solve the problem. Even though all this took some time it didn't matter, cause Mrs. Bartis gave us pretty much a whole week to finish our research and make up our solutions, so meant that we didn't have any homework. I learned a lot about my relevant problem, and enjoyed the opportunity to create a solution to the problem. My solution of not making it boring is to allows the students to choose the books they want to read, and not giving them a test on the first day. This would be beneficial because, many students don't enjoy the assignments they are given throughout the summer, and if they can choose the books it could make it more fun for them. Another good thing about this solution is that the kids don't have to worry about taking a test on the first day, this allows them to enjoy the summer peacefully.  So far this class has been very interesting and fun, while learning various things that are essential for a student to know. Besides the fact that the teacher is amazing, the course itself makes it interesting in a way that I want to learn more, and I am looking forward to the things that are planned for us for the rest of the year. Go tech apps!

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