Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My learning style project

My class was doing a project about relevant problems. What the project felt to me that we could help make a difference that when you put your mind on it you could make a solution that can help other people. The project could also teach you important values, make you belive in yourself and help you realize you can make a difference in the world.

My relevant problem was about how to encourage kids to learn. My research questions was how students learn and the types of learning styles. The time when I was researching was quite frustrating because I couldn’t find the information that I wanted. My solution was boring but educating my class was fun because I could make any way I wanted.

I created a quiz to educate my class. Teachers would give the quiz to students to tell them their learning style. Then teachers would know how you learn and help encourage students to learn. Making the quiz was quite frustrating because making questions that made sense took a while and trial and error. Finally, it was ready to present. I presented by sending my classmates a copy of the quiz by email. When they were done taking the quiz, I told them what type of learning style they had.  

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