Monday, December 16, 2013


By: Mitchell

Hello. It’s me again. It’s time for another tech update. This year seems to go by pretty fast… Not sure if that’s good or bad. Well anyways, onto the stuff we’ve been doing.
First we chose a problem to do research about. That was kinda hard but I ended up going with “How can we make healthy food less expensive?” and the research was a pain. I had a tough-ish time finding stuff. I decided to do an oral presentation in the end. I’m not sure how well it went but I hope I did well. I found out that it would be best to lower the cost by producing more food. That will drop the price based on the supply/demand ratio. We also need to drop the price of gas. The tractors and machines alike are gas guzzlers. So if just one gas station drops price then they will gain more because they get more profit. Then the others will drop price to compete. By doing that, the farmers will have more money. Then they will most likely drop the price of their produce, making it more affordable.
We also got a GD (Google Doc) from Mrs. Bartis about the TEKS. It’s about the ones we need to learn and stuff. We each got our own one and when we complete one, she checks it off.SO I’m going to be updating you on whick ones I’ve passed once we start with them.

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