Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My new year three word revoltion for 2014

This is my three goals that I want to do for 2014.

long distance wise im pretty bad at endurance but this year I want to run long distance running. I'm going to keep running even though i'm tired but I keep pushing until black out. I would always wear ankle weights and always try my best in running.

I want to lose weight by working out and getting active when i’m not doing anything. I also want to eat eat healthy and not eat just junk food and chose healthy choices. I would also think safe like putting on seat belts, saying no to drugs and smoking, and simple things that we should do to keep us safe.

feeling lifter

I want to bring peoples feelings up when they’re down and make everybody around me happy. I will do this by having a smile on my face and have a happy atmosphere and have a positive attitude. I would respect people feelings and think before I say anything and I want to know what to say when I talk to people.

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