Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Three Words

By: Mitchell
Hello. I’m back again. I’m here to talk about three words I’m gonna try to focus on this year. I’d love to hear yours down in the comments.
My first word is express. I’m not one to express myself to others in real life. That’s one reason I like this, I don’t meet face-to-face. I’m good with saying my ideas but not feelings or personal stuff. Which will be needed later in life. So why not work on it while I’m young? It’d be more normal to me and so I could be less awkward with friends. I’ll try and change it by getting more in touch with myself.
My second word is social. I’m not really social unless people are sitting next to me or in my group or stuff like that. I feel that it would be good to become more social because then I would have more friends and I guess have more fun. Maybe.

My third word is listen. I feel that I should listen to people more. I normally do but sometimes its hard if they go on and on and on. I also have a bit of trouble listening to directions. I mainly do things my way but I try to listen as much as I can. But it’s hard. I really should listen more.

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  1. It's Anmol, the tall dude. I like the post and especially the 3 words:-
    express, social and listen.
    Nice Mitchell