Thursday, January 23, 2014

Three word blog that I want to improve on.

By: Sara

A new year has just begun, which means that a new year resolution is waiting! Many times in the past year I have made mistakes by pressuring myself too hard. (For example) When I have a class project that I have to do, I get to stressed out sometimes with all the things I have to do. My first word is unwind. Unwinding helps me by resting my mind for a while and getting my thoughts together. What I like to do Is go eat A quick snack to help my brain think properly and remember everything. This also allows me to feel better and confident about myself.
This helps me by basically telling myself I can do it, its not that hard and I can take it day by day.

My second word is remember. Sometimes I don’t remember important things. (For example) If I don't remember where I put a important paper, I will go crazy looking for it. Putting things in folders helps me remember things but doesn't necessarily always help me remember things. Its very important to remember things because if you let a person borrow a pencil and you forgot to get it back from them, then you will end up with one less pencil. Thats why this year thats one of the things I want to change and thats remembering important things.

 My third word is organized. This will help me also by being able to find something that I need quicker and easier. Being organised is important as well, because you want to keep important things in safe places. Another reason A person would want to be organised is because people may notice how well things are kept. (For example) If you put something in a place that has account numbers on it, then if it accidentally went into an unsafe place without you knowing, its not a good thing. There are many ways I want to help myself be organised.

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