Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 goals

Every year I like to set goals for the year, so hopefully it can be achieved. This year Mrs.Bartis allowed us to choose 3 words that was really important to us, and what we would do to grow better in that area. These are my goals for the new year 2014.

Church is my main priority and I would like to keep it that way this coming year. The youth group and all the members is what keeps me going and the fellowship is what I hope to keep going. This is a main importance to me, because I know that in every hard times I can turn towards God, and my friends in church gives me hope and encouragement. So this year I would like to spend more time with my youth group, and grow spiritually closer so that I can overcome the daily challenges that come in my way.  

Family is my second most important thing, mainly because I love them. I thank them each and everyday for all the things that they do for me, even when I don't know. I truly appreciate the hard work that they do for me. So this new year I want to give them more respect and do more things for them. I also want to help them in out in every day. Compared to what they do for me, I haven't done as much. This year I will respect and love them even more, and spend more time with them. My main goal of doing this is so that I will not be a problem to them but instead a good son to my parents, and a respectful brother to my brother.

School is just as important, because I know that for the good of my future I have to have a good basic foundation. Therefore I want to study hard this coming year, and put every effort to make good grades, and work hard in everything that I do. I am willing to do this, so that I won't have to suffer in the future. I know that if I work hard right now, I won't have to think of my tw
elve years of school as a disaster. I will accomplish this task by working hard daily, and studying for all my quiz and test.

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